Model Id vs Model Character – What’s the Distinction and Why Does It Matter?

Model persona and model identification are essential components of a enterprise and have a huge impact on its advertising and marketing technique.

Regardless of all too usually getting used synonymously, the phrases “model identification” and “model persona” are literally NOT the identical factor, though they’re strongly linked and each fall beneath the overarching time period “branding”.

The confusion is comprehensible. One among model identification’s many different names is “model imagery”, whereas model persona is sometimes called “model picture”. It’s additionally widespread for each phrases to individually be known as an organization’s “model”!

What’s the distinction?

The 2 phrases are undeniably linked however they’re, in actual fact, distinct entities. The largest distinction between the 2 is who controls them.

Model Id is the property an organization makes use of to current itself to the world; together with its emblem, model colors, model ambassadors, product design and focus, packaging, employees uniforms, promoting messages and numerous different cues. Any distinctive property that may be recognized as belonging to that model are part of its model identification. Property are fastidiously constructed, with groups of selling professionals devoted to making sure that every factor of a model’s identification successfully contributes to how the corporate needs to be considered.

Model persona, alternatively, is a set of human traits which can be attributed to an organization by its shoppers, or how that firm could be described if it have been an individual. Whereas model identification is managed by the enterprise, model persona exists contained in the minds of shoppers, so it may be influenced however in a roundabout way managed by the enterprise that it belongs to. As Ross Pike, Advertising and marketing Director of Quadrant2Design put it “as we speak a model’s persona is much less about who they are saying they’re and extra about who their viewers thinks they’re”.

Model Id


These are the property that customers affiliate with a model. They’re owned and managed by the enterprise and usually mirror how that enterprise needs to be perceived by its shoppers. Beneath are some well-known examples of firms and their model identities.


The “Golden Arches” emblem, the crimson and yellow colouring, the “I’m loving it” tagline and even the restaurant furnishings are all immediately recognisable as belonging to McDonald’s.

Over time, the corporate has moved away from utilizing its clown mascot, Ronald McDonald in its advertising and marketing. Even so, as a giant a part of their historical past, Ronald McDonald nonetheless varieties part of McDonald’s model identification, solely now he is a component of who they have been, moderately than who they’re.


Only a few firms have a emblem as immediately recognisable as Nike’s swoosh. Mix this with their “Simply Do It” tagline and daring, no-nonsense block font and most of the people can recognise the Nike model from a mile away.

The corporate has an extended historical past of endorsements from profitable athletes and nearly at all times has a presence at whichever sporting occasion the world is watching.


Pandora’s emblem is immediately recognisable for its distinctive crown over the “O”. Their outlets have a novel structure, utilizing island-style cupboards moderately than the standard jewelry retailer counters.

The corporate makes use of a white or black emblem, usually complemented by pink or pearl, and is straight away identifiable by its distinctive charms bracelets.


Apple’s model identification centres on its “bitten apple” emblem, sterile white and glossy metallic colouration and product names starting with the letter “i”.

The corporate’s open, minimalistic shops are per their minimalistic advertising and marketing messages. The unique iPod advert was an ideal instance of this, with easy silhouettes of an individual and an iPod on a vibrant background.


Harley-Davidson’s model identification is rooted in its distinctive visuals. The corporate’s orange, white and black emblem is formed like a hood decoration and is commonly complemented by the wings of an eagle.

Their advertising and marketing usually focuses on a mix of rugged landscapes and stereotypically masculine visuals like engines, metalwork and beards.

Even the distinctive sound of a Harley-Davidson engine is a component of its model identification. It’s loud, booming and simply identifiable.

Model Character


Model persona is developed within the minds of shoppers largely based mostly on their interactions with model identification. Beneath are examples of how these firms have used their model identification to create the specified model persona.


McDonald’s model persona is exclusive in that it has little to do with its product providing. It’s much less about promoting burgers and fries than it’s about feel-good moments, heat, inclusivity, happiness, sincerity and family-friendly enjoyable, matching its long-standing tagline “I’m loving it” tagline.

The model’s color decisions mix the blissful vitality of yellow with the daring depth of crimson to undertaking a persona that’s cheerful and assured, unpretentious, welcoming and reliable.

Character abstract – enjoyable, family-friendly, welcoming, reliable, cheerful, assured.


Nike has a really sports-based model persona, centred on athletic success. An unintended coincidence in accordance with Nike Co-Ceo Phil Knight, the swoosh emblem is paying homage to a tick, which helps to painting Nike’s persona as that of a winner.

The corporate’s lengthy historical past of endorsements from profitable athletes creates a pure affiliation with athletic achievement, competitiveness and uniqueness. The slogan “Simply do it” represents doing your personal factor as a frontrunner in your area.

Nike’s use of black and white for its advertising and marketing tasks a daring and highly effective persona, whereas its orange branding represents its enthusiasm, success and confidence.

Character abstract – athletic, aggressive, assured, thrilling, cool, profitable.


Pandora’s persona combines individuality, femininity and luxurious. The model’s emblem features a crown (an emblem of status), whereas the usage of black on white tasks authority and energy amongst peace and tranquillity. The common use of pink and crimson serves to affiliate Pandora with femininity and romance.

By anchoring its model identification in its customisable allure bracelets Pandora has targeted its model persona on uniqueness and standing out from the group.

Character abstract – distinctive, female, romantic, luxurious, refined.


Apple’s persona focuses on simplicity and precision, with an air of exclusivity. It’s good and it is aware of it.

The mix of brilliant white and metallic silver is paying homage to a scalpel on a sterile floor. It portrays Apple as glossy, clear and knowledgeable; getting the job finished like a surgeon.

It’s portrayed as clever and minimalistic, which is clear in not solely its advertising and marketing messages but additionally within the structure of its shops. This minimalism highlights Apple’s straight-to-the-point angle, getting issues finished with no wasted effort.

This, mixed with the corporate’s use of the letter “i” within the majority of its product names, cements it as an undisputed authority within the know-how and knowledge sector.

Character abstract – clever, exact, assured, minimalistic, straight-to-the-point.


Harley-Davidson is rugged, highly effective, free and proudly rebellious. A cult model, Harley-Davidson concurrently represents individualism and belonging. The black, orange and white emblem combines energy and boldness with vitality and confidence and tasks the model as somebody who is aware of who they’re and isn’t sorry about it.

The landscapes utilized in advertising and marketing messages, mixed with the common use of eagle wings, spotlight the model’s freedom to roam whereas the stereotypically masculine imagery and even its booming engine, cement its ruggedness.

Character abstract – rugged, rebellious, highly effective, daring, free.

Why does it matter?


It’s essential for entrepreneurs to know the variations and hyperlinks between the 2 phrases, because it’s by way of the usage of model identification that firms are capable of successfully painting their desired model persona.

Simply as model persona is influenced and formed by model identification, essentially the most profitable firms additionally permit this to work in reverse. Whereas constructing their model identification, firms ought to be deliberate and be sure that every particular person factor is successfully contributing to the persona that they need their model to be related to.

If vital gaps are discovered between an organization’s desired model persona and its precise model persona, then adjustments might be made to parts of its model identification to shut these gaps.

A optimistic and constant model persona will permit a enterprise to kind private relationships with its prospects and set itself other than the competitors. Much like how folks gravitate in direction of the folks they like and attempt to steer clear of the folks they don’t, shoppers additionally naturally develop preferences for manufacturers they like and usually tend to purchase from these manufacturers.

By understanding and utilising the hyperlinks between the all-too-often confused phrases, firms can extra successfully undertaking their model identification and, because of this, efficiently produce their desired model persona.